Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I know if my patient is a candidate for the Richie Brace®?

Review the clinical indications outlined on this website. If your patient does not fit into one of the distinct categories, or if there are special considerations such as body weight, paralysis etc. then call the client service department of any of the Richie Brace® lab partners.

Can the Richie Brace® be used for sports activity?

The Richie Brace® was originally designed for sports applications. Dr. Richie, a practicing sports podiatrist, had encountered difficulty fitting his patients with ankle braces while allowing the patient to continue wearing the custom foot orthotic he had prescribed. Still today, there is no ankle brace that fits or functions properly with a custom foot orthotic footbed inside an athletic shoe. Moreover, most popular ankle braces do not fit in shoes well and do not support the foot. Thus, the Richie Brace® was born: a form fitted custom ankle brace that incorporates a foot orthotic. This brace is ideally suited to treat lateral ankle instability, tendon injuries around the ankle joint, and aid in recovery from Grade II and III ankle ligamentous injuries. The Richie Brace® has been used by many collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes with remarkable success.