Richie Brace: Reimbursement


Please email with any questions.

For patients with private health insurance us the F221 code for the brace. You can also provide a letter such as this one, click here to download which may assist the patient in receiving a higher rebate from their private health insurer.

For patients under the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), please contact DVA in your state as the process differs across the states/territories. DVA will pay for patients requiring a Richie brace.

ORDERING INFORMATION: For a podiatrist in your area who can fit you with a Richie Brace®, or, if you are a provider and would like information on casting, submitting casts, order forms etc, Check out our Lab Partners page for contact information.

Disclaimer: This document does not warrant, verify or guarantee the validity or appropriateness of any of the suggested billing codes. The provider is solely responsible for proper billing of durable medical goods and selection of appropriate codes for reimbursement.