If you are a patient and would like to have a referral to a podiatrist in your area for evaluation for the Richie Brace®, click here and we will get that information right to you. Please provide your name, city, state and postcode.

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The Richie Brace line of products must be prescribed and dispensed by licensed health care professionals such as podiatric physicians, orthotists and pedorthists. If you are a health care professional, please contact any of the laboratory partners listed below for ordering information. If you are a patient and wish to receive a referral to a health care professional with experience with the Richie Brace, click here:

The Richie Brace® podiatric orthotic laboratories displayed on this web site have trained client service personnel who can help you with every aspect of Richie Brace® treatment from providing casting instructions, clinical indications as well as coding and reimbursement information. Much of this information is also contained in this website, however, you will need to make initial contact with a Richie Brace® podiatric laboratory partner to determine shipping and pricing information (and for order forms and casting information/instructions).


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